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Currently acquiring new manuscripts.

(no pornography/erotica, please)


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  "What lies behind us and what lies

ahead of us are tiny matters

compared to what lies within us."

      Oliver Wendall Holmes

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is now open until May 31

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 Submission Guidelines*

The Path

The Path to Publication Group publishes the literary publication – The Path. You are invited to submit short stories, essays, book reviews and poems for inclusion in the semi-annual issues.  

 For more information, please visit the websites: and . Past contributors will receive a call for submissions by e-mail, automatically.  

1)          Short stories and essays – over 2,500

2)             Poetry - 1 page
Please polish your manuscripts to the best of your ability and, of course, have someone else edit your work before sending to Path to Publication.  


  • Do not format your work: no page numbers, no headers or footers, no footnotes; paragraph indentations--use Word auto-indent 0.5, do not skip a line between paragraphs.  
  • Manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word or RTF form.  
  • Font: Times New Roman - size 12. 
  • All submissions must be submitted electronically, as e-mail attachments, to: .

Deadline for submission is October 31, 2018

All rights are retained by the author, and there will be no compensation for accepted work at this time*.

*Because we are staffed by volunteers, we can only compensate our writers in exposure to our audience.  Our columnists enjoy great publicity for their own blogs, books, websites, and projects.  Many find great reward in doing something good for the world of literature and literacy. You may also purchase add space to further promote your work.




 THE PATH is a themed semiannual print and ebook/ezine magazine, featuring essays, short stories, poetry, interviews and book reviews.

There are still a few spots left for authors or publishers to advertise their books and services. Prices for advertising are:

¼ page $35

½ page $50

Full page $75


Mary J. Nickum




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The Path to Publication Group, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization  dedicated to the advancement of literacy.

We are an equal opportunity organization and do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

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Path to Publication Group, Inc.

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